• Kevin Hart apologizes (again) on SiriusXM show (Videos)

    Kevin Hart makes what will hopefully be the final commentary we hear about what…well, you all know. The comedian made another apology Monday night on his SiriusXM radio show Straight from The Hart following his appearance on Ellen. The show aired on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio channel 96.

    “I will say this, and I want to make this very clear. And I’m going to say it just in case you guys try to take this sh*t and chop it up, I will rebuttal with this f*cking piece right here,” said Hart. “Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.”

    The stand-up superstar, who has been in the doghouse (which he could probably physically fit in quite neatly) for homophobic tweets from 2009-10. All those who want him to roll over, however, will have to wait a little longer. He continued his show by addressing how previous apologies have been received, or, not received.

    “But then they go, ‘But you didn’t say it right,'” Hart said. “Saying ‘I’m sorry,’ you didn’t say, ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry.’ But no, wait, guys, I just said ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘Not the way you should have!’ What does that mean?”

    The controversy began on December 5, when Benjamin Lee, an editor for The Guardian, tweeted screenshots of old tweets. It led to Hart stepping down from his gig of hosting next month’s Academy Awards, after he initially refused their insistence that he apologize for the comments.

    In an Instagram post, Hart cited the fact that he had dealt with the controversy in the past and felt as if he had adequately addressed it.

    However his most recent comments are received, Hart seems confident in his growth. “You’re now trying to change me into becoming what version of me you want me to be,” he said. “I don’t think it’s wrong for people to have their own personal beliefs. I think that in the times that we’re living in, we have to be understanding and accepting of people and change. Bottom line.”

    It will be interesting to see how this latest apology is received, and whether or not people ‘chop it up.’

    Lucien Formichella

    Lucien is a comic and journalist based out of New York City. He also freelances for The Observer. He loves eating. Twitter: @lucien_form

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