• Kevin Hart Helps Bus Driver Ganesha Bradley-Douglas Get Job Back After National Car Rental Suspended Her For Taking Selfie With Him (VIDEO)

    Kevin Hart Genesha DouglasWhen National Car Rental bus driver Genesha Bradley-Douglas saw the opportunity to take a selfie with Kevin Hart, she knew she could not turn it down. Sadly, this led to Bradley-Douglas getting suspended from her job. But Hart, ever the gentleman, posted a video online defending the driver that led National Car Rental to lift the suspension.

    The drama started when Genesha Bradley-Douglas spotted Kevin Hart at LAX while driving an airport shuttle bus. Bradley-Douglas was so starstruck that she parked the bus and raced over to Hart to get a selfie. The comedian happily obliged, but when National Car Rental saw video of her actions, they suspended her indefinitely without pay. Bradley-Douglas maintained that there was only one family on the bus at the time of the selfie, and that one of these passengers got off the bus for a photo with Hart, as well.

    “Honestly, I’m probably going to be terminated,” Genesha Bradley-Douglas told Inside Edition after her suspension. “[I’m worried about] not being able to pay my mortgage.”

    So when Kevin Hart heard the story about the National Car Rental bus driver, he knew he had to do something to help Genesha Bradley-Douglas. Hart posted the below video to YouTube, asking the company to give Bradley-Douglas her job back.

    “I’m asking National to please give this woman a pass,” Kevin Hart said to National Car Rental in the video. “I love National, and if I had seen me I’d have taken a selfie with me too! Come on! Have some compassion!”

    Kevin Hart’s pitch apparently worked. Genesha Bradley-Douglas showed the video to her bosses on Friday, and they immediately gave her back her job. So now the bus driver can enjoy her Kevin Hart selfie instead of lamenting its consequences.

    “Yay I got my job back!” Genesha Bradley-Douglas told Inside Edition after her reinstatement. “Things went very well, and I’m very happy that …  Kevin Hart and all the petitions and the likes really helped me out.”

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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