• Kevin Hart set to play Monopoly in live-action movie based on the iconic board game

    Kevin Hart is the Monopoly man Lionsgate and Hasbro have been looking for. The film’s producers are in final negotiations with the Night School star and they have their eyes set on Tim Story to direct.

    Having worked together on the Ride Along franchise, as well as on three of Hart’s stand-up concert films, the two appear to be a winning pair. Details about the film’s plot are being kept under wraps, though the project has been rumored to involve a man who lived on the game’s Baltic Avenue on a quest to make a fortune.

    Throughout the past decade, the comedy mogul has proven to be consistent box office draw with his last five films averaging over $130 million in gross. Films like The Secret Life of Pets, Central Intelligence, and Captain Underpants have all proven Hart’s ability to draw laughter.

    The casting comes as a warm welcome for Hart who has been the focus of controversy over the last couple of months. Having been announced as the host of the 91st Academy Awards late last year, Hart immediately sparked backlash after homophobic jokes from earlier in his career resurfaced. Hart later addressed these comments, saying that he had already apologized multiple times in his career and stepped down from his hosting duties. For a moment, it appeared we might see him accept the job again after an hourlong interview on Ellen, but he ultimately decided that his presence would be a distraction from the ceremony (as well as having limited time to prepare a show).

    Monopoly has been played by over 1 billion people in 114 countries around the world, having been originally released in 1935. Hasbro has been attempting to make a movie based on the popular board game for years. Monopoly marks Hart’s latest collaboration with Lionsgate, having already worked together on his Laugh Out Loud channel, Kevin Hart: What The Fit for Youtube, and concert film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain.

    Kaitlin Tunstall

    Kaitlin Tunstall ’19, of New York, attends the Borough of Manhattan Community College and expects to graduate in the spring of 2019. Kaitlin is an English major with a focus in Journalism and Creative Writing. Having worked as both a freelance writer and college assistant, Kaitlin hopes to broaden her skills into academia and editorial work. After graduation, Kaitlin plans to travel Asia before continuing her studies at a CUNY four-year university.

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