• Kevin Hart vs. DC Young Fly! Instagram Feud Goes Viral On Twitter After ‘Bring That Ass Here Boy’ Roast

    DC Young FlyComedian DC Young Fly is learning the hard way not to mess with Kevin Hart. The Atlanta-based comic called out Hart on Instagram, which has led to a social media war between the two.

    DC Young Fly is known on social media for calling out various stars with the phrase “Bring That Ass Here Boy.” The videos feature the comedian  roasting people in speed talking  fashion while tagging the posts with the hashtag #bringdatassheaboi. He has also started using that phrase in his roasting videos, calling out Kevin Durant in similar fashion just a few days ago.

    But DC Young Fly’s roast of Kevin Hart has set Twitter ablaze. On Monday, the Atlanta comic posted several of these “Bring That Ass Here Boy” videos slamming the Real Husbands of Hollywood star. Check them out below.

    Kevin Hart took great issue with these videos, slamming DC Young Fly in an Instagram post Monday afternoon. At least Hart had the courtesy to warn DC Young Fly about the impending roast.

    While waiting for Kevin Hart’s response, DC Young Fly posted two more videos taunting the star comedian.

    Kevin Hart then posted the below Instagram photo of DC Young Fly on Instagram, along with a lengthy (and hilarious) hashtag attack.

    “Ok @DCYoungFly you did this to yourself…. I’m about to HashTag destroy you pimp #WhYDoYouHaveTheTransformerSymbolinTheMiddleOfYourFace #YouHaveTheChestOfaTeenageWhiteGirl #YoFrontTeethLookLikeWhiteDressShoes #WhyDoYouHaveWareHouseVentilationPipesInYourProfilePic #WhatThugSmilesInHisProfilePic #YourFaceDoesntMatchYourTattoos #ANyMaNWithAneckTattooAintGoneMakeItInLife #BetMyLifeYouStillLiveWithYourMom #WhereIsYourFurniture #YourTattooLooksLikeAs–tStain #YourTattooLooksLikeAdirtyThumbPrint #ImSendingYouaShitLoadOfTurtlenecksToCoVerUpThatDumbassTattoo.”

    DC Young Fly, for his part, did not take offense to Kevin Hart’s slam. The Georgia native simply posted a screenshot of Hart’s threats to his own Instagram page with the caption, “Yal c wasssup ….o its onnnn #bringdatassheaboi #fukumean.” DC Young Fly then posted five more “Bring That Ass Here Boy” videos attacking the star.

    DC Young Fly then posted several more Instagram videos where he seemingly talks to Kevin Hart on the phone. But it appears this is just another joke, as DC credits impersonator Tattoo Man Paige for supply Hart’s voice to the videos.

    At the time of this posting, Kevin Hart had not yet responded to this latest roasting from DC Young Fly. But it may just be a matter of time.


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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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