• Kevin Pollak will host ‘million dollar’ game show for Fox

    Kevin PollakFrom the people who brought you Deal or No Deal comes Fox’s new game show, Million Dollar Money Drop. Like its predecessor, the new show will also feature a stand-up comedian as host, Kevin Pollak.

    Taking on his new role as game show host comes in addition to his already busy career, with two new movies on the way (The Big Year and Red State), a recently released one-hour comedy special (The Littlest Suspect), and a continuing online talk show.

    The premise behind the show itself is for a pair of contestants to work together to answer a series of seven multiple-choice questions, but instead of winning money with each correct answer, they’re risking the $1 million they started off with. It has already proven to be a hit in other markets, and now Endemol USA is bringing it to the States on the prospect of continued success.

    The show premieres on Fox on Dec. 20 at 8 pm EST with a two-hour episode, continuing with broadcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 pm EST and Thursday at 8 pm EST.

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