Kristen Wiig will produce and star in suicide-themed comedy

If the fact that Bridesmaids snagging $207 million worldwide wasn’t enough to make you believe Saturday Night Live veteran Kristen Wiig has now become a power player in Hollywood, then there’s this.

A pet project of hers — a dark comedy called Imogen, about a woman who fakes her suicide to gain the attention of an ex-boyfriend — has been greenlighted. And Wiig is set to produce and star in the flick, to be directed by the team who brought us American Splendor and Cinema Verite.

In March Wiig told Indie Wire, “We’re trying to get financing for it, I hope it all works out. We have to kind of get things organized quickly. It’s looking good for summer but I don’t want to jinx it.”

Turns out production company Maven Pictures stepped up to the plate. According to the company, the movie tells the story of a “moderately successful New York playwright who stages a fake suicide attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend, only to end up being forced into the custody of her gambling-addicted mother.”

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