• Kristin Key: Buckle Up!

    kristinkey200.jpgOn Buckle Up! Texas-born stand-up comedian Kristin Key leaves no stone unturned and no taboo untouched — even if it means embarrassing the entire female species. To put it plainly, Key’s style is not only manlier than her female comedic counterparts but also tougher than a lot of men in the game.

    She opens the show innocently enough, commenting on the insanely hot weather in Colorado Springs — where the performance was taped — and then quickly relates to the eager crowd her coldest weather experience, commenting on how frigid temperatures once caused her to sprain her nipple.

    It’s this willingness to give away female secrets that would make any woman blush. Her graphic discussion of women’s bathroom etiquette is almost too true to be funny, leaving most women, no doubt, hiding under tables and most men laughing and pointing hysterically.

    The Last Comic Standing alumnus also thankfully spends a good bit of time talking about her role as a preacher’s daughter to hilarious effect; sneaking a smoke outside during service and cursing inside the halls of God are just some of her confessions.

    Although the latter part of the album suffers from some odd joke placements, Key keeps it mostly entertaining. She seems to deliver her closer but then continues with a silly guitar-strummed song about
    St. Patrick’s Day. The bonus track “Big Faggoty Pink Drink” — wherein she derides a man for his choice of alcoholic beverage — is funny, as is the way she fires back at a male heckler, announcing, “You can take the guy out of the trailer park but you sure can’t take his uncle’s cock out of his ass.”

    Key’s brash sense of humor and straightforward style of delivery pair well with the jokes she delivers. Her voice is reminiscent of Kathy Griffin’s without that slight annoying edge; combine that with the dry wit of Paula Poundstone and George Carlin’s “I don’t give a shit” attitude, and Key proves she’s a young comedic talent on the rise.

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