Lachlan Patterson: Jokes To Make Love To

Lachlan PattersonOstensibly subdued and almost downright subliminal, Lachlan Patterson lulls his audience into a state of relaxation and trust with a turnabout that does not fail to deliver the funny. Jokes To Make Love To (Rooftop Comedy Productions) has the dizzying effects of lying on a beach drinking too many umbrella-adorned rum drinks.

Throughout his debut album, you’ll no doubt find yourself nodding and laughing, first with recognition, then with surprise; “The Internet’s too big” (funny enough); but then, Patterson continues: “If you make a spelling mistake, that’s another website.” (Funny and poignant); then, the punch: “My finger slipped and I accidentally typed titties titties,” Ok, now you’ve got my undivided attention, but for how long?

While Patterson’s material is engaging, his delivery is almost too laid-back and downright sleepy at times, which may cause the non-caffeinated listener to bail out altogether.

Even though he manages to get it back again and again, he most assuredly would be more stimulating to see live.

Patterson has his funny formula down, but that’s not to say he’s formulaic, presenting common themes, such as relationships and the difference between men and women, in uncommon ways, like video-game design. “If a video game was designed for women, once a month it would be impossible to play,” and there would definitely be an “I’m sorry” button. Patterson’s twists on how his generation experiences life are unusual and relatable.


The tracks drift in and out on the melodic sounds of “Tandemoro.” a Los Angeles-based band that is no stranger to being the backdrop to the comedy world, having previously been heard on HBO’s Dane Cook’s Tourgasm. The band’s sound perfectly matches Patterson’s understated energy.

You can buy Jokes To Make Love To by clicking the image below.

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