• Larry The Cable Guy: I’ll vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton (UPDATE)

    Larry The Cable Guy

    UPDATE — 3:05 pm ET: Larry The Cable Guy appeared on SiriusXM, where he recorded an interview for The Raw Report, to further explain the comments he made about Hillary Clinton. The full interview will air Thursday at 3:30pm ET on Raw Dog Comedy SiriusXM 99. Here’s what he had to say about Clinton and Trump.

    I said something on FOX News today about how Hillary Clinton will destroy the country. Now I’m a comedian so I said that – now do I like Hillary Clinton? No. am I going to vote for Hillary Clinton? No. Do I honestly think she’s going to destroy our country? [laughs] We’ll still be a country. We’ll still be America. But I think she’s going to hurt it a little bit. But we’ll still be around. The funniest thing is—somebody sent me a thing “Donald Trump’s a fake just like you’re a fake redneck.” And I’m thinking to myself, okay, Larry the Cable Guy is a character, he’s not real, I breathe life into him but I have a whole other life. So basically the whole protest of your tweet is completely abolished because you don’t make any sense. You’re like comparing Donald Trump to SpongeBob, like they said on the roast. It’s not real. It’s a character. ….I’m a conservative country kid, I grew up in the country, I’m a conservative guy, playing a far right conservative guy. I’m not a village idiot. The character that I created is this Archie Bunkerish – the guy that makes pretty good points sometimes but he just says it in an offensive way.

    It’s not totally off center of what I say below, but I still think he’s back-pedaling a bit. He’s created a character for sure and he’s never backed away from making that clear when asked about it. But it’s not the type of character that’s overtly theatrical; it’s not a Neil Hamburger or Andy Kaufman type of thing. So it’s understandable how people can take him at his word. You can listen below to part of the SiriusXM interview.


    Larry The Cable Guy, a comedian known more for popularizing the phrase “Git-R-Done” than he is for espousing any political belief system, announced that he’ll vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president of the United States– his comments coming during an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning. Donned in a cammo “Git-R-Done” snapback and his trademark lack of sleeves, Larry The Cable Guy (real name: Dan Whitney) explained that he’s trying to decide between Donald Trump and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate. “I know who I’m not voting for. I’ll give you the initials… Hillary Clinton,” the veteran comedian said. “Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I got to say.”

    I’ve interviewed Larry a few times over the years. He’s a sweet, thoughtful, generous dude who, despite the character he’s created, seems to be a lot smarter than this. I’d like to think he’s towing the party line in order to make sure he sells tickets to his upcoming shows, that he doesn’t honestly believe that, if one candidate were to bring about the “end of the country,” it would be the guy with half a dozen diagnosable mental illnesses and the emotional maturity of an 8-year-old; it would be the ever-yelling businessman who said that, if it weren’t for them being related, he’d probably fuck his own daughter.

    In Larry’s defense, it’s not like he visited Fox & Friends to do nothing but opine on the presidential election. He was more interested in slinging light-hearted jokes. But sometimes you have to dance with the devil (or Fox & Friends) in order to keep your fanbase happy.

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