• Larry the Cable Guy snaps guy’s arm while arm wrestling (VIDEO)

    Larry the Cable Guy snapped a man’s arm while arm wrestling him. Yes, you read that correctly. The burly comedian did the damage at the University of Nebraska football game last Saturday in Lincoln. As you may know Larry the Cable Guy is a huge fan of the team, the Huskers. The man, an army veteran named John challenged the comedian to an arm wrestling match as the two were both in a luxury booth.

    As you can see in the video below, this was a pretty even match. It was basically a stalemate about 40 seconds in. But then something happens. That something is gruesome, to sat the least. It’s an intense video. So don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    We know what you’re thinking. What happened to this poor guy? Is he ok? Well, yes. He’s relatively ok. TMZ reports that John, the veteran, had surgery to put a plate in his arm. They add the bone he broke was the humerus, aka the funny bone, which sort of seems fitting here. Our guess is that Larry the Cable Guy feels absolutely horrible about what happened.

    We have to think there’s a lot less painful ways to go viral. There’s also better ways for Larry to “Git-R-Done.” At least the Huskers won the game, beating Illinois soundly by a score of 31-16.

    As a side note comedian Bill Burr was also at this game! “It was actually pretty cool,” Burr said. “I got to meet Larry the Cable Guy. He’s like the president out there.” Thankfully Burr didn’t challenge him to an arm wrestling match.


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