• Last Comic Standing’s Roseanne tells comedian Ben Kronberg ‘go f*ck yourself’ and viral hashtag begins!

    Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 6.19.42 PMDuring the season eight premiere of NBC’s Last Comic Standing on Thursday night, Roseanne told comedian Ben Kronberg to go f*ck himself. But we can’t look at the moment in a vacuum. Roseanne’s comment came after Kronberg stood onstage for more than 30 seconds without starting his act. Finally Kronberg broke the awkward silence, addressing the Last Comic Standing audience with, “What, like you guys start working right when you get to your jobs?” This lead Roseanne to state the painfully obvious: “I think you wasted a lot of time up there.” Kronberg, quickly swaying his head back-and-forth in mock-sassy style, asked Roseanne, “What did you say?” to which Roseanne shot back, “I said, I think you wasted a lot of time up there.” By the way, the other two judges — Russell Peters and Keenen Ivory Wayans — weren’t pleased with Kronberg, either.

    “Ok, I would prefer you started with a compliment, but I’ll take your out-of-the-gate criticism,” Kronberg responded, to which Roseanne said, “Well, you know comedy better than me, I guess. And you’re really arrogant too and it pisses me off.” Kronberg continued to faux-sass Roseanne with “Bring it!” Roseanne explained herself: “You didn’t respect your audience.” Kronberg asks the audiences if they felt that way, to which they overwhelmingly respond in the affirmative. Kronberg then asks the audience if they’re ok with Roseanne speaking for them. The Last Comic Standing audience seemed totally cool with that. And that is when Roseanne let it fly with the whole, ‘go fuck yourself” situation. It’s also worth noting that Kronberg tweeted out, “What #LastComicStanding edited out was @therealroseanne flipping me off as I walked off stage. That was reason for my look at [the] end. [They] also edited out me calling the show a gimmick after they called me a gimmick.” You can watch the scene play out below.

    Like a lot of the contestants on this season’s Last Comic Standing, Kronberg is a well respected comedian and very much on the radar of most true comedy nerds. The chances of him ever making it to the finals on a show like Last Comic Standing, however, was pretty slim; Kronberg doesn’t deliver the type of comedy the bulk of mainstream America embraces. Which is why it’s delightful to see Kronberg’s seemingly negative appearance on network television turn into a positive.

    Comedian Ari Teman has started the hashtag #GoFuckYourselfBen and it’s going viral. With the likes of veteran comedian Todd Barry and Saturday Night Live‘s Brooks Wheelan contributing to the viral campaign via Twitter, Vine and other social media, Ben Kronberg stands to gain more traction than comedians who were well-received on Last Comic Standing but were not voted into the semi-finals. Check out Todd Barry and Brooks Wheelan’s contributions to #GoFuckYourselfBen below.


    But there are many, many more #GoFuckYourself contributions– and some are downright creative. Check all of them out — and keep up with the newest submissions — right here.

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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