• Last Week Tonight with John Oliver reminds us Columbus Day is all about genocide (Video)

    John Oliver tackles Columbus DayToday is Columbus Day and as such it’s that time of year again when we celebrate the discovery of our slightly above average great nation! It’s time to brush up on your knowledge of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. For instance, do you guys even remember which of Columbus’ three vessels carried all of the smallpox? Wrong! It was the Pinta.

    Lat night, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver explored the origins of Columbus Day in its recurring segment How Is This Still A Thing? “In school, American children learn about Christopher Columbus’ life,” the segment’s narrator announces. “Of course, what they tend not to learn are the parts of Columbus’ life where he kidnapped Native Americans and sold the into slavery, had his men slice them to pieces and, through disease and warfare, killed roughly half the population of Haiti. But in fairness, none of that rhymes with ‘In fourteen hundred and ninety-two.’”

    The segment also touches on how some American’s have changed the way in which we celebrate Columbus Day— as in some people with brains don’t celebrate it anymore. “So America’s least favorite holiday commemorates a murderous, egomaniac who’s most famous discovery was a cast of getting lost and refusing to ask directions, all of which is enough to make you wonder— Columbus Day. How is this still a thing?”

    Check out the full Last Week Tonight segment below.

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