Late Night with Seth Meyers will go long Thursday to cover Mueller report

Seth Meyers smilingLate Night With Seth Meyers is going even later Thursday to make time to discuss the Mueller report in depth. Seth Meyers and his writing team hope to leave no joke unturned in its jampacked episode. The show will run 90 minutes to analyze the report in one of his classic A Closer Look segments.

A Closer Look has become one of the signature segments on the show. In it, Meyers breaks down a certain political topic or current event and what it means for viewers. The release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia and the 2016 election seems like a natural topic for the segment.

AG Barr to release redacted Mueller report Thursday

The Department of Justice announced it will release the report on Thursday morning. While some Democrats have pushed for Barr to release the full report, Attorney General William Barr confirmed he is releasing a partially redacted version of the Mueller report. Late Night is often taped around 6:30 p.m. in New York. So the Late Night staff will only have the better part of an afternoon to read and analyze the report before writing the segment for Thursday’s show.

The usually hour-long late night show scheduled both A Closer Look segment and a Game of Jones segment for the same show. With both segments running 10 minutes or more, Meyers and the team decided to stretch the format to accommodate both. Game of Jones is a popular segment in which Leslie Jones watches Game of Thrones with Meyers and provides her running commentary.

Meyers explained the reason for the longer format: “I simply will not stand for the Mueller report bumping Leslie Jones or vice versa, so we decided to make room for both.” If that wasn’t enough for one evening, Thursday’s Late Night will also feature scheduled guests including presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, comedian Amy Sedaris, and singer Toro Y Moi.

Meyers has followed the Mueller Report for some time through A Closer Look segments. As recently as last week, Meyers referenced the report as part of a report on Donald Trump lashing out.

Busy prepping for his show on the Golf channel, Carson Daly probably won’t mind the night off. You can watch the 90-minute Late Night Thursday, April 18 at 12:35/11:35c on NBC.

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