Laughspin Podcast, episode 96: Robert Kelly interview

On a new episode of The Laughspin Podcast, Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino hangs out with comedian Robert Kelly at his home in New York State. Gadino and Kelly chat about the comedian’s own podcast You Know What Dude, his upcoming role in Denis Leary’s new FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, his new hour long comedy special, what true happiness is and his new role as a father.

“This year has been very good to me. It’s been a great year, personally and business-wise,” Robert Kelly tells Laughspin. “I moved out of the city, I got a beautiful, small house up in Westchester. It’s a different life. I have my beautiful son, I’m a father. In the past as a real road comic – I make my living, I pay my bills through jokes – in front of crowds. Not millions of people but hundreds of people at a time all over this country and world. These people on sets or on shows – the manager or the waitress – they become your surrogate family. But that’s not true anymore. I have a family. I’m a dad. ‘Oh, I don’t have a dad.’ No, I’m the dad now. That’s done. Me not having a dad is over. I’m the dad. I’m the husband. I have a family. I go home to my family.”

Check out the full episode below.

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