Laughspin Podcast: Jeannette Rizzi talks Blindsided, suicide, monks and nuns

On the newest episode of The Laughspin Podcast – the historic 100th episode! – Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino sits down with comedian Jeannette Rizzi. While the chat with Rizzi is filled with fun, laughs, hijinks and more, the pair do delve into more serious fare like depression and suicide. It’s all part of Rizzi’s hope to bring awareness to suicide prevention. She’s currently raising money to properly fund Blindsided, a documentary about the subject. Blindsided is also her own one-woman show and ongoing podcast. Suicide is a topic that Rizzi, unfortunately, knows about first hand.

Rizzi, who was raised by an ex-monk and ex-nun in a small Florida town, also talks about an ill-fated relationship headlined by a yogurt-stealing, money-grubbing, porn-addicted boyfriend and why that breakup turned into a crucial turning point for her. So strap in, Laughspinners and enjoy the program.

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