• Laura Kightlinger, Jay Johnston star in Atom.com's disturbing (funny?) 'American Heroine'

    Laura Kightlinger and Jay Johnston (The Sarah Silverman Program, Mr. Show) have teamed up with Atom.com on a short film called American Heroine. The film takes the viewer to some very uncomfortable places– places that are funny in the context of the story but also makes me realize that A&E needs to make Intervention a daily program.

    The story features Kightlinger as a heroine junkie who works as a “Dear Dottie” type columnist answering relationship questions. Johnston plays Kigtlinger’s significant other who is also a junkie. Without spoiling the experience, one of my favorite moments was watching Kightlinger’s take on a modern Sophie’s Choice.

    Check out the short film below. But be warned that very little about this video is safe for work.

    Chase Roper

    Chase Roper is the Internet’s only comedy writing, podcasting, stay at home dad (maybe). His comedic sensibility has been described as bitingly sarcastic. He’s not sure if he agrees with that but is pretty sure that “bitingly” isn’t a real word. You can check out his show, The Stay at Home Dadcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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