• Lee Camp: Chaos For The Weary

    Lee CampAs perceptive and profane and profound as Lee Camp can be, he really does not represent a generation of new comic as much as the regeneration of an old one: George Carlin. Lucky him! Lucky us!

    His antic and intensely interesting new CD from Stand Up! Records, Chaos for the Weary (available Friday), even comes with the Carlin seal of approval, courtesy of Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comic Zeus.

    “He’s a thinking person’s comic, he may just piss you off a little bit, but the most important thing is he’s really fucking funny,” Kelly tells the audience in her introduction of Camp.

    As if the praise were jet propellant, Camp launches onto the stage and soars into the sarcasm stratosphere, instantly displaying the verbal dexterity and indignation necessary to merit the mantel of prospective Carlin clone.

    “I’ll get right into it, this shit storm we’re dealing with right now, and I’m speaking, of course, of the world,” Camp declares on “People Over 50 Suck,” the spotlight track of this mostly hilarious linguistic adventure involving the economy, the environment, materialism, consumerism, apathy, terrible TV and the two true hurdles to human happiness: too many toothbrush options and the effin’ Amish! “It’s a little creepy,” Camp continues, “because I feel like we’re in the midst of a shit storm, but I also feel like if you look over the horizon, there’s hints of a cluster fuck, and so I think they may merge into some sort of shitsterfuck…and that’s not good at all.”

    Although clearly a Carlin acolyte (especially when decrying spineless, brainless, visionless politicians), Camp has his own style. He knows when to downshift, easing into another rant with amusing asides, effectively silly jokes that change the pace, lighten the mood. (“I don’t think we need the signs anymore, I think we could all just agree: Floors are slippery when they’re wet.”)


    Unlike squabbling, petty pols, Camp offers solutions for our problems —particularly promising: his idea for an alternative-energy source that entails using the cast of Jersey Shore as kindling, an environmentally friendly way to reduce noise pollution without more regulation!

    His approach can be scattershot (his mind works faster than the audience’s at times, creating pockets of silence that Camp acknowledges but bulldozes through), but his semiautomatic delivery sprays the crowd with a fusillade of words, ideas and images bound to nick a nerve and funny bone.

    We highly suggest you pick up a copy of Lee Camp’s Chaos For The Weary. Just click the image below.

    John Delery

    John Delery has written thousands of articles and millions of words in his career, and still he has professional goals: He wants "Be honest with me, Doc: Will I ever tweet again?" to someday supplant "Take my wife...please" as the Great American punch line.

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