• That’s so Lena Dunham: Everything we learned from The Cut’s 7,000-word profile on the Camping creator

    Lena Dunham is trending. It’s the sentence that launches 1,000 news articles at least twice a year. This time, Dunham is back not for being accused of killing a pet or commenting on her ex’s Instagram. This time New York Magazine’s The Cut published an in-depth profile of the Girls creator. In the over 7,000-word article, called “‘Yeah, I’m Not for Everyone,’ Dunham comes to terms with herself. Allison P. Davis’s article is “an intimate look into the controversial comedian and covers everything from her recent health problems to her long list of seemingly perpetual scandals.” There is a lot of information here and, as with much of Dunham’s work, it can often verge on TMI. It’s a lot to take in, so we’re breaking down the eight wackiest, most on-brand Lena things we learned from The Cut.

    1. She loves name dropping celebrity friends.

    In the article, she mentions her “good friends” Emmy Rossum, Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift, and even sent a screenshot of a text conversation with Lady Gaga to the profiler, Allison P. Davis. Davis also writes that Gaga “is saved in her contacts as Lady Gaga, not as Stefani.” All of her celebrity friendships seem strong and very supportive except her friendship with Grammy-winning singer Lorde. After rumors that Lorde had been hooking up with Dunham’s ex, Jack Antonoff, Dunham admits, “I have never spoken to Ella [Lorde] about it. We haven’t talked since Jack and I broke up.”

    2) She loves her pets.

    She once had 16 pets, even though her mother swears it was fewer. While Dunham has been accused of killing her pets, she thinks those rumors are ridiculous. Right now, she has 3 hairless cats and wants to get a hairless black puppy and name it Rosa. However, she worries about the backlash the name might cause, explaining she’s, “worried people will get mad because of Rosa Parks because I have to consider those things.” She also reveals that Antonoff hates cats.

    3) Her uterus was supper misshapen.

    Last November she got an elective total hysterectomy at 31 even though her doctors advised against and most OB/GYNs do not recommend it as a treatment for endometriosis. But it was a good idea since Dunham quoted the doctor as saying, “he’d never seen a uterus as misshapen as mine.”

    4) Her interior designer, Paul, lives with her.

    Paul moved into her guest house with her two poodles when Dunham got sick. The Camping creator is constantly redecorating, so Paul has a lot to do. Dunham has an eccentric style. Davis describes the decor, “Right now, there are purple snakeskin poufs, leopard-print rugs, and bright-green walls. There’s a tiny pink room, called the “Lady Room,” filled with memorabilia: a framed teen glamour shot of a pubescent Dunham in a Nicole Miller blazer, lip-printed pottery she made at Color Me Mine and wanted to sell on Etsy, Eloise posters.”

    5) She has an impressive list of mentors.

    The list includes Nora Ephron, journalist David Carr, The New Yorker’s David Remnick, and comedy director Judd Apatow. In the piece, she mentions Remnick and Apatow especially as people she still seeks advice from.

    6) Celebrities were shocked and outraged when she defended Murray Miller.

    Back in 2017, Dunham released a statement saying she didn’t believe the rape accusations against Girls writer Murray Miller. Davis writes, “Apatow warned her, ‘I don’t think this is what you meant to do. That’s not how, in this day and age especially — this isn’t how we talk about women.’” Actress Tessa Thompson and the organizers of Time’s Up were also surprised by the actress’s double standard. Even writers for Dunham’s Lenny Letter website like Zinzi Clemmons called for her apology to Miller’s alleged victim. Model and trans rights advocate, Hari Nef, called the defense a ‘Girl, what the fuck’ moment.”

    7) She is still close with ex-boyfriend, Jack Antonoff.

    Dunham and Antonoff broke up last December but have remained friends. The fun musician kept their Brooklyn residence and Dunham decided to stay in Los Angeles for a bit, but the two text often. In the article, Davis wrote, “I texted Jack last week and said, ‘HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE DATED SOMEONE EVERYBODY HATES?’ in all capitals. He wrote back, ‘They only hate you because they love you so much, true story.’ Which is like, What a sweetie. What a liar and a sweetie.”

    Their love story started when they were set up on a blind date seven years ago by the musician’s sister and fashion designer, Rachel Antonoff, and comedian Mike Birbiglia. Dunham also opened up in the profile, “Jack and I made a couple of Jewish-power-couple lists, which I was proud of.”

    8) She is moving back to New York City.

    After spending some time in Los Angeles, the writer is returning to her true home, New York. Surprisingly, she is moving to the West Village and not Brooklyn, the Borough her voice has become synonymous with. She explains, “My whole identity was, like, Brooklyn, and now I’m like, Thank you, Lord. I’m back amongst my tribe, which is like old people puttering around the health-food store. If I never see another fucking person in a cool sack dress with their baby again…I just wanna live around old people who are not reminding me every day of my infertility and loneliness. A lot of the stuff that happened last year couldn’t have happened if I was happy in my life, right?”

    Take a deep breath and read the full profile here.

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