• Leslie Knope gets city council endorsement from real life Parks and Recreation union

    If you’ve been watching Parks and Recreation this season (and why wouldn’t you be?) you’ll know that our friend Leslie Knope is trying hard to get as many bigtime endorsements as she can in order to help secure her win as city councilwoman of Pawnee. And now, without even trying she’s just scored one— sort of.

    The real-life union organization American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has publicly endorsed the totally pretend Leslie Knope. “We proudly endorse Leslie Knope for Pawnee City Council,” stated the union president, Gerald W. McEntee. “Knope’s public service and her passion for making our communities safer, healthier and stronger make her the right person for the job.”

    So why would an established union (boasting 250,000 Parks and Recreation workers) throw their support behind a make-believe person so she can win a make-believe election?

    They want Amy Poehler, er, Leslie Knope to speak at their convention in June. “AFSCME members would be thrilled to have Amy Poehler at our convention,” McEntee said. “We are prepared to Ramp Up our campaign to draft her, and we will even have waffles for her backstage if she accepts.”

    You have to respect McEntee’s (or whoever put the statement together) attention to detail. The “ramp up” reference, of course, has to do with Knope’s attempt to win the old people vote in Pawnee by ensuring all buildings had wheelchair ramps. Remember: “Stairs are a young person’s game.”

    McEntee is also attempting to ply Knope with waffles, which she loves. However, he could’ve offered an unlimited supply of whipped cream to sweeten in the deal. Check out the union’s Knope video below!

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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