Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan fed up in new Audible album

Lewis Black has had enough of America. Donald Trump is still president. An alleged sexual harasser was just named to the Supreme Court. Republicans are still trying to take away Social Security and affordable health care.

So Black and his longtime partner Kathleen Madigan decided to leave the U.S. and spend some time with our friendly neighbors to the north. The result is the duo’s latest comedy album, Lewis and Kathleen Escape To Canada.

On this album, the Grammy-winner tours Canada and explains (with his own unique brand of humor) how things got so bad in America. He also encourages Americans who have not been north of the border to take a trip there.

“If you’ve not been to Canada, especially those of you in America, who, like, fucking live, like, literally, near the 49th parallel, you’re fucking near the border, you’ve never crossed it, get your fucking ass up here,” he says to cheers from the crowd. “Because the way things are going, I’m telling you, in two years, they could be building the wall, assholes.”

Black doesn’t just give his own unique takes, either. He even reads rants sent in by audience members, like on his Audible show The Rant Is Due, including one about how hard it is to find an unsweetened ice tea in Canada. Of course, since this is Lewis Black, he can’t read the letter without throwing some shade at Canadian spellings. When he notices that the audience member spelled flavorful with an extra ‘u,’ Black says, “Notice the ‘ou’ in ‘flavourful’ and ‘humour,’ because Canadians are all about you, not me.”

When he’s not ranting about America or Canada, Black reflects on his lengthy comedy career. He even reveals why he never completely ties his ties.

Lewis and Kathleen Escape To Canada is available now on Audible.

Melissa Siegel

Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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