Live Mitch Hedberg tribute planned for Aug. 12

Mitch HedbergWe have cool news for fans of the late comedian Mitch Hedberg: Mitch’s wife, Lynn Shawcroft, along with his parents, will be hosting a charity event in his honor at the Paramount Theatre in Andersen, Indiana.

Hedberg truly died on top of his game. Having just finished a high profile tour with Lewis Black and Dave Attell, garnering a huge increase in number to his dogged cult following (many fans frequent his memorial board, even now, five years after his passing) and dying while in the midst of preparing an act for his long awaited HBO special, Mitch left his fans wanting one thing: more Mitch.

On Aug. 12, fans will have an opportunity to get a little of just that. Events for the night include the showing of some never before seen on and off stage footage, his never before seen TV pilot, as well as his hardly ever seen, literally unattainable (I’ve been trying to get my hand on a copy since ’03) movie, Los Enchiladas! The event will even include a Q&A session with Lynn and Mitch’s Parents.

This is a rare opportunity for Hedberg fans to get together to celebrate the man’s life– and it’s all for us. So don’t miss the chance to show your support, Tickets are available online from the Paramount Theatre’s official site.

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