Louis C.K. adds more screenings of 'Hilarious' to theaters

Louis CKIf you missed the one-day screenings of Louis C.K.’s upcoming stand-up concert film, Hilarious, you may be in luck.

Turns out Louis announced additional screenings on his site two days ago. Not sure how we missed it, but we did. Sometimes, we suck. The good news is that there’s still time to tell you about most of the added screenings. Here they are:

Louis C.K.

You can click here to get to Louie’s site so you can easily click on those gorgeous blue “TICKETS” links.

C.K. also says this on his site: “I’ve been told there will also be screenings added in San Fran and LA, Boston, Chicago and Philli [sic], but I don’t have dates or links yet.

With that, we also want to remind you that Hilarious will premiere on new cable channel EPIX in four days. All the info you need for that is right here.

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