• Louis C.K. explains how he got fired from ‘Pootie Tang’ (Audio)

    At this point in his career, Louis C.K.’s 2001 cult comedy Pootie Tang is simply a representation of the now hugely successful comedian’s struggling early days in showbusiness. A year ago this month, C.K. sat down with his good friend, comedian Jim Norton on the Opie and Anthony Show and went into great detail about the movie and how eventually he was pushed out of its production– despite the fact he wrote and directed the thing. “I got thrown off because I wasn’t doing what they wanted,” he says.

    This is an amazingly detailed and intriguing look into how movies are made as well as C.K.’s thought process on all things business and personal. If you didn’t catch this chat last year, you should check it out now. Enjoy!

    Laughspin Staff

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