• Louis C.K. hates taking pictures with fans and other things we learned from today’s Reddit AMA

    Louis C.K. Returned to Reddit today for another AMA (ask me anything) session. Taking questions from the Reddit community, the comedian discussed his recent successes, some hopes for the future and all kinds of fun personal details. Here are some things we learned.

    You should not ask Louis for a photograph

    Louis discussed at length his relationship with fans and strangers on the street, and devoted a lot of time to addressing a particular issue:

    I identified one source of discomfort. Taking pictures. Every person on the planet now has a camera. So it sometimes happens that up to 20 people in one day or more want me to pose with them for a picture that they can put on facebook. That’s a lot. Also I don’t like doing it. It makes me feel weird. When I’m with my kids it takes my attention from them and makes them uncomfortable (and in some cases unsafe) but pretty much 100% of people who approach me want a picture.

    That said, Louis is happy to meet fans, so long as they are actually interested in having a conversation:

    What I do now is this: I refuse to ever take a picture with anyone. I just say no. I don’t do that. But I shake their hand and I talk to them for a bit…I am glad to meet everyone that says hi. EVERYONE. I learn a little about a nice person several times a day. And they are kind to me. And it won’t last. So it’s great.

    Louis CK is still uncomfortable with his own success

    Louis CK gets a lot of attention these days. There is a lot of talk about his $5 experiment (not to mention the fact that it has earned him millions), he has one of the most talked-about comedy programs on TV, and he recently cleaned house at the Comedy Awards. On his success at the Comedy Awards, Louis says:

    It’s just not normal to go in front of people and accept an award. What is that??? how does a human do that? It’s weird. so the repetition got strange for me. I am very appreciative though. It was just the moments themselves that built to be surreal.

    Reddit user neuromorph asks: Where did you decide to place them? fireplace, mantle, desk?

    I have this one shelf that has them all. It looks dumb.

    Despite his weariness for winning awards, Louis is still gunning for the top prize

    I really want a PENGOTS (pulitzer, Emmy, Nobel, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, Stanley Cup)

    Louis still totally has it bad for Ewan McGregor

    When asked if he has finally crossed paths with Ewan McGregor, whom he has openly admitted to having some pretty heavy feelings for, Louis had this to say:

    No. We don’t do the same kinds of things. Unless he starts killing and stuffing homeless people I’ll probably never run into him. I would totally kiss him right on the lips, though. Totally.

    Louis C.K.’s kids have seen his material.

    Louis C.K. has talked at hours’ length about his kids, and he certainly doesn’t hold back. This is, after all, the comedian who has a bit about how wonderful life would be if his children were never born. Nevertheless Louis’ kids are fully aware of what he does and he has even brought them along to see him at work.

    They came with me last time I was on Letterman and they stood right behind the backdrop, about eight feet from where I was performing on the Ed Sullivan theater stage. It was one of the best things ever.

    Louis’ backstage, pre-show ritual?

    I open my fucking stupid mouth and put water in it.

    Louis has some non-Louie related television goals

    I would like to be on that show where you jerk off a dog and try to aim his jizz at a sleeping guy’s face. what show is that? Oh yeah, 60 Minutes.

    Louis C.K. is not Gerry Red Wilson.

    I met with an executive from FOX many years ago. She was going on and on about how perfect it would be for me to do a show there based on my act and how big a fan she was. About an hour into the meeting she said “I love when you talk about your family from Queens!” And I realized she thought I was Gerry Red Wilson, a comedian who has since passed away.

    If you are going to ask Louis a question, there is always a really good chance he will insult you.

    Reddit user Flanimals asks: Do you feel there is anything you shouldn’t joke about?

    Well I shouldn’t joke about your fucking dumb face because if I do then I have to think about it and it’s just so awful. I want to forget you forever.

    On what to expect from Louie— season 3

    Louis didn’t share any details from the upcoming season of Louie, but he did have this to say

    Season 3 (starts on June 28th) is going to be very different. I can’t really describe it, because I’m bad at that. But I think you’ll like it. I hope so, anyway.

    Louis has a lot of shit you should go buy

    Louis just put up a bunch of material at LouisCK.com, including his new special Word: Live at Carnegie Hall, an audio version of his first ever hour-long special Shameless, an audio version of Live at the Beacon Theater.

    And make sure to tune into Louie season 3 on June 28th.

    Check out Louis’ AMA in full here

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