Louis C.K. Madison Square Garden shows making history, also he’s doing 1 million other things

Louis C.K. adds a fourth Madison Square Garden showThe Louis C.K. train does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. FX CEO John Landgraf announced on Sunday that FX bought the television rights to the comedian’s new stand-up special Louis C.K. Live From the Comedy Store. However, in perfect Louis C.K. style, the special will first be available on his website for the usual $5. This is the second time that C.K.’s partners in crime at FX have aired his stand-up special after the digital release, the first time being back in 2012 when the network aired Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater. Since then and now? Oh, just an HBO one-hour comedy special and another Emmy Award-winning season of Louie.

Louis C.K.’s relationship with Landgraf and FX began back when the network picked up his dark comedy series. Now in the midst of a sick multi-year development deal, C.K. is getting ready for the fifth (albeit, shorter) season of Louie premiering on April 9. “This season is more laugh-centric funny than season four,” he said recently. “I had a very playful and goofy feeling going into this season.”

He has plenty of reasons to be in a good mood. FX ordered his pilot Baskets starring Zach Galifianakis to series and recently ordered another pilot from his production company, this time starring Pamela Adlon. Better Things will focus on a woman raising three daughters on her own, as Adlon has done in real life. Many of you may remember her as C.K.’s wife in the one-season HBO wonder Lucky Louie. Louis C.K. will co-write and direct the pilot.

Possibly through the use of some sort of creativity steroids, Louis C.K. continues to tour around the country selling out arenas. Yes, not just 2,000-seat theaters. Try Madison Square Garden. Few stand-up comedians perform in the basketball arena and even fewer sell it out. Andrew Dice Clay is one of the elite comics to sell out back-to-back shows at the Garden. Now Louis C.K. has entered a class of his own. He is the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden three times in a month for the same tour. Now he’s on track to do the unthinkable and sell out a fourth show. “What fourth show? I thought there were only three dates.” Yea, well, as the sweaty man in the black t-shirt said in a recent email to his fans, “If you keep buying the tickets, I have to keep doing the shows.” So he added a fourth show for Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 8 pm.

At this point, it may be plausible for him to just run for President of the United States of America in 2016 as an Independent. If elected, he’d probably change the country while still creating new series for FX. He could be like Ronald Reagan without the racist economic policies. Louis would still write a solid new hour of stand-up every year and instead of negotiating a deal with HBO, it would just be broadcast as the State of the Union Address each January. If he can get Ticketmaster to drop their service charges, what can’t he do?

Tickets for the fourth show at Madison Square Garden are available here for $25, $45 and $65 (without extra fees) as of this writing. It’s possible he’ll break the Internet and sell out by the time you read this.

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