• Louis C.K. makes fun of Ricky Gervais for the way Gervais makes fun of Louis

    We missed this video when it was posted two days ago by Opie of the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM. What can we say; sometimes we’re not the quickest. But that doesn’t mean we have to punish you by not posting at all.

    So, in the video Louis C.K. — frequent O & A guest — gets ribbed mercilessly by friends, comedians Jim Norton and Ricky Gervais for approaching one of the members of Hall & Oates and telling him that he loves his music. What’s ironic is that Norton is a self-admitted goober when it comes to stalking famous people and asking them for photographs and the like.

    My favorite part of the video, however, is when Louie attacks Gervais for the way Gervais cheaply makes fun of him. Check it out. It’s a great slice-of-comedy-life piece of footage. Thanks, Opie!

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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