• Louis C.K. on Rolling Stone cover with Boston Bomber: F*ck Rolling Stone (Video)

    Rolling Stone can go suck it. On last night’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, John Oliver asked Louis C.K which of Rolling Stone‘s compliments he’d prefer on his tombstone: “The funniest comedian in America” or “jerkoff genius.” In response, C.K. said, “They put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston, so fuck them.” From all of us and all of the families that have ever applauded their own question on Family Feud, “Good answer.”

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    Sonia Weiser

    Sonia Weiser (@weischoice) has neither fame or fortune, but aspires to be a full time writer of humorous material (which will undoubtedly not lead to those two things). Right now, she's probably tweeting as someone else or waiting for new podcasts to download. Possibly drinking coffee and wondering whether or not she should do laundry this weekend.

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