• Louis CK’s 9-minute SNL monologue examines religion, death, daughters

    Louis C.K.’s second stint hosting Saturday Night Live went down last night, and his performance throughout the night — especially his 9-minute monologue — lived up, if not, surpassed the episode he hosted on Nov. 3, 2012, for which he was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Upon the ending of his monologue, it was surprising to see that right-wing commenters online weren’t calling for the cancellation of Saturday Night Live, seeing as C.K. made a handful of jokes starring the Christian Lord and Savior, implying at one point that perhaps “our Father who art in Heaven” just might have murdered “our Mother.” Maybe the Christians will get to it after Church today?

    “Where’s are mother?” C.K. asks the Saturday Night Live audience. “What happened to our mom? What did he do to our mom? Something happened. Somewhere in Heaven, there’s a porch with a dead lady under it, and I want the story. Someone’s got to check the trunk of God’s car– for bleach and rope and fibers.” In addition to expertly mining Christianity for jokes, C.K. dipped into fatherhood and more specifically his daughters, relating how he recently endured an excruciatingly awful play in which his eldest starred. There’s more goodies to be be enjoyed, as well. So check out Louis C.K.’s Saturday Night Live monologue in its entirety below!

    What did you think of C.K.’s monologue on Saturday Night Live and the rest of his performance? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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