Louis CK’s new project I’m a Cop: He’ll write, direct and star in the feature film

Louis C.K. will write, direct and star in a feature film I’m a Cop. It’s not the Louie star’s first time making a movie but it’s been 14 years since the comedian/actor/writer/maker-of-all-things has been behind the camera on a feature film. His last time was on the 2001 artistic disaster Pootie Tang. What’s more impressive about C.K.’s latest project is that Hollywood heavyweight Scott Rudin will produce the indie flick.

I’m a Cop is about a depressed middle-aged man who is a volunteer police officer living in the shadow of his mother, a highly decorated retired officer. After her death, the protagonist moves to become a real police officer, a position he never truly desired. Rudin will produce with Dave Becky and Blair Breard, an executive producer on FX’s Louie. The comedian feels confident making TV shows, something he’s become an low-budget god at. But he admits “I’d be arrogant to think that I can take someone’s $8 million and just turn in a movie.”

Currently, Louie is airing its fifth season and his Zach Galifianakis clown series Baskets will premiere on FX in 2016. He recently released another $5 special on his website, an ode to his dream comedy club, Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store, which will later air on FX. He’s been acting in other people’s films and winning Emmys. He does a lot of other things, but it’s seriously becoming so much that we can’t even.

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Billy Procida

Laughspin editor-in-chief Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City. He hosts The Manwhore Podcast where he talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Reach him on Twitter.

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