• Maria Bamford, Nick Swardson, more to perform at Comic-Con for Comedy Central

    Maria BamfordComedy Central will travel with some of its comedian stars to San Diego’s ultra popular comic book convention and general nerdfest Comic-Con on July 23 and 24th. In addition to panels with the producers, writers, and cast of both Ugly Americans and Futurama, Comedy Central is producing a free comedy show on July 24.

    Hoted by Pete Holmes of Ugly Americans, Comedy Central Live will take place at the House of Blues from 7 to 9 p.m. The stand-up showcase will feature comics from Ugly Americans and also upcoming Comedy Central series.

    Here’s who you can expect: Maria Bamford; Kurt Metzger (a Punchline Magazine breakout artist), Matt Oberg, and Randy Pearlstein of Ugly Americans; Chris Gethard and Horatio Sanz of Big Lake (we were at the screening of this last month), which is coming out in August; Nick Swardson, who will be in Pretend Time with Nick Swardson, coming out in October. Lastly, Adam Devine of Workaholics, a series expected to air in early 2011, will perform.

    FYI: House of Blues is 18 to enter and 21 to drink, so leave your little brother back with the Spiderman comics.

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