• Maria Bamford will self-release a comedy special recorded in her living room

    Ever since Louis C.K. self released Live at the Beacon Theatre at the end of last year, the direct-to-fan model for comedians has been embraced in a big way. And the well-loved, wholly hilarious Maria Bamford is the latest comedian to harness that power, albeit with a fittingly quirky twist. On Nov. 28, Bamford will release Maria Bamford: The special special special!, which she recorded in her living room. Making matters even more awkwardly funny? The only audience members are her parents, Joel and Marilyn, who are often topics of her punch lines.

    Known for his work on the stellar 2010 comedy documentary I Am Comic, Jordan Brady was enlisted to direct, with Bamford and Bruce Smith from Omnipop executive producing. The special will be available for $4.99 through Chill.com, a Los Angeles-based social media site.

    You should know this isn’t the first time Bamford’s pulled off something like this. Two years ago, she self-released a Christmas special for free. Maria Bamford’s One-Hour Homemade Christmas Stand-up Special found the comedian seated on her couch telling jokes from her notebook. Her only audience was her two pugs.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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