• Meet Bridget Everett: purveyor of comedy, c*nt rock (Interview)

    Laughspin has teamed up with one of the coolest venues in New York City, Joe’s Pub, to help present their Summer Comedy Series. And it continues tonight (Sept. 5) at 9:30 pm, with amazingly original Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments. We asked her a few questions to give you a better idea of who Bridget really is. (The video below will also help on that front). Check it out and enjoy! See you at the show.

    Order tickets online here and use code JPTIXC3 to get 10 percent off tickets and 5 percent off food and beverage at the show!

    What you do onstage isn’t exactly straight-up comedy. How would you explain it to someone who has never seen you perform?
    My friend, Justin Vivian Bond, referred to it once as cunt rock which feels fitting. I guess you could say it’s like watching your drunk best friend over-sharing at last call– that is, if your drunk best friend liked California Chardonnay, had big tits and the voice of an angel. In the end, I want people to leave the shows feeling like they just went to a great party and when someone asks them why, they can’t really explain it. They just know they have to be at the next one.

    Your stage persona is quite colorful and brash. How does that differ from you’re everyday life?
    I mean, I’m not motorboating strangers on the train, but it’s me. I like to have fun and go to happy hour and tell stories and get a little reckless. But at the end of the day, I’m surrounded by a wildly funny and creative group of friends. We all just do weird shit that makes each other laugh. And they don’t judge me for what I do or say. It’s really freed me up and unleashed the beast. In fact, my friend, Adam, inspired me to write my own songs. I’ll say something kind of fucked up and he says, ‘Sounds like a hit.’ And I literally take whatever it is that made him or whatever other friend laugh and write about it.

    Onstage, you’re not afraid to show a lot of skin. Are you a natural exhibitionist or is that something you pushed yourself to do when you first started to perform?
    I wouldn’t say I’m a natural exhibitionist. I do wear a bikini where some might think I shouldn’t. I just don’t get the big deal with a little nudity here and there if it makes your point. Could explain why I’m single.

    What’s your single favorite lyric you’ve ever written?
    ‘What I gotta do to get that dick in my mouth?’ That made my mom laugh, so maybe that?

    Check out Bridget Everett tonight at Joe’s Pub. Order tickets online here and use code JPTIXC3 to get 10 percent off tickets and 5 percent off food and beverage at the show!

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