• Megan Mullally says the Party Down movie is proceeding

    Party Down fans can hold on to their hopes for a movie based on the beloved, gone-too-soon Starz series, according to cast member Megan Mullally. On the most recent Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast, Mullally gave the listeners a progress report on the status of the movie even though, as she explains, she got in trouble “the last time” she decided to talk about it.

    “We’re shooting for next hiatus, which means next Spring or Summer,” says Mullally. When host Scott Aukerman asked if the funding for the movie was there, Mullally responded “I think so, pending script approval.”

    So, while it’s not 100 percent certain the we’ll see the Party Down crew again, it sounds like the money is there and Mullally assures that the cast is completely on-board with doing the film. So let’s follow Ron Donald’s example and just try to keep a relentlessly and obnoxiously optimistic attitude. No matter what!

    Lucas Gardner

    Lucas Gardner is a writer native to Rochester, NY. He nows lives in New York City. He has a Twitter and a blog.

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