• Michael Ian Black, Doug Benson and more launch WitStream

    WitStream, the new Twitter-like site that focuses on the tweets of comedians, enjoyed a festive launch on Monday night at Comix in New York City. Michael Ian Black, who co-founded the site, hosted the show. He was also on-hand throughout, critiquing the live feed of his peers’ WitSream one-liners from a laptop at the side of the stage. He also gave the best explanation of WitStream I’ve heard so far: “It’s like Twitter, but without most of the people.”

    The show featured stand-up from some of WitStream’s top “aristocrats.” Baron Vaughn, Morgan Murphy, Black’s collaborator Michael Showalter, Josh Fadem, the Sklar Brothers and Doug Benson delivered killer sets. All in all, it was a great kickoff for the new site. You can keep your Twitter addiction, but definitely open a tab for WitStream, which will most definitely guarantee more chuckles per minute of wasted time.

    Brendan McLaughlin

    Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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