• Michael Ian Black on Stella reunion, Meghan McCain, his boning prowess and more!

    In a Reddit AmA (ask me anything) comedian, The State alum and self-proclaimed sexy bitch Michael Ian Black fielded questions from the Reddit community. He talked about the potential for a Stella reunion, his failed TV shows, and gives some solid advice to Redditors in need. Here are some highlights.

    Michael addressed the fact that nearly all of his television projects have been cancelled. When asked why Michael and Michael Have Issues was cancelled after one short season, MIB had this to say:

    “The traditional reason: not enough people were watching for their tastes. But fuck them.” But Michael tried to stay humble, and he admitted that the cancellation of Michael and Michael and other failed shows may fall on him: “You know what? I think maybe I care TOO much? Does that make sense? I think maybe I’m TOO sensitive?”

    Reddit user Darrian asked: “I’m in the hospital at the moment on public Internet, and link to americayousexybitch.com is blocked for ‘pornography.’ Is this true, and if it is, how urgently should I get this book?”

    Michael responds: “Depends how sick you are. If you’re really sick, you should get it pretty urgently.”

    Last year, Black guested on NPR’s This American Life during the week of Father’s Day, and read a surprisingly emotional and sincere story about his dad and his own experience as a parent. On that topic, MIB says:

    “It was kind of tough to perform because I’d never read that out loud before. I kind of knew Ira through a mutual friend, Mike Birbiglia, and he asked to read an early draft of my book, which I showed him. From that he asked me to do the piece for TAL. “

    Maybe most important of all, Black addressed the potential for a Stella reunion down the line:

    “I’m sure Stella will reunite at some point to tour. We all like doing it, so when we all have some time, I’m sure we’ll get together and hit the road.”

    Michael goes on to describe the extravagant life of a “C-list celebrity.”

    “Let me tell you, the life of a C list celebrity is pretty sweet. If I want to go to an Applebee’s, all I have to do is, literally, walk in the door. They seat me AS SOON AS the other people ahead of me are seated. So yeah, pretty awesome. To get your foot in the door: find a door, stick that foot right on in there.”

    Some lost and misguided Redditors turned to Black for advice, as they should. Redditor user You_are_very_dumb asks: “Dear Michael, I am a boy. I think I am in love with a girl. What should I do? I’ve already asked her out. We will be going out tonight. How do I M.I.B the shit out of her tonight and see if she feels the same about me?”

    “As you hold the door for her, wait until she is passing in front of you, then whisper the word “Anal?” to her. Frame it as a question. Her response will tell you what to do next.”

    And Michael gives some slightly more sincere, straightforward advice to young people who want to do comedy

    “I have only one piece of advice, which mimics Nike’s advertising slogan: just do it. If you want to make comedy, make comedy. Nobody is stopping you. If you want to write, write. If you want to perform, perform. There are innumerable outlets for comedians, so quit being a little bitch and do it. “

    Taurentino asked “which Sklar brother do you like more, Randy or Jason?”

    Whichever is the one that gave me the hummy that time. I think it was Jason but I can’t be sure.

    Black’s book America, You Sexy Bitch was co-written with Meghan McCain, a conservative Christian Republican columnist (and daughter of Senator John McCain) who MIB had only spoken with once before they wrote the book together. Michael explains how the collaboration came to be:

    “One night, I was on Ambien and got on Twitter. Saw that she was on too, and asked her if she wanted to write a book together. (We’d only met, one time, over satellite.) So we didn’t know each other before we agreed to write America, You Sexy Bitch. We just decided to do it on a whim and hit the road together for a month. And yes, she is both as down-to-earth and crazy as you would think.”

    But more importantly, sburn says “My friend and I find you insanely attractive. Good on ya Michael.”

    “Thanks. I’m okay at boning.”

    Finally, joop2323 asks “What is the worst time you ever had in your profession?”

    “This AMA might take the cake.”

    Well played, Michael. Well played indeed.

    You can check out the full AMA here.  And you can buy America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom here.

    Lucas Gardner

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