Michael Keaton Confronts Braves Fan At Pittsburgh Pirates Game For Heckling Andrew McCutchen (PHOTOS)

Michael Keaton awesomely confronted a Braves fan during a game between Atlanta and his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. When the rival fan started taunting Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen , the Batman actor took matters into his own hands

The Pirates took on the Braves in Atlanta Friday night, and the Braves fan was apparently taunting McCutchen for most of the game. McCutchen then hit an RBI double in the eighth inning (in a game the Pirates ultimately won, 10-8), and he made sure to acknowledge the heckler in the crowd.

Andrew McCutchen even gave his batting gloves to the heckler.

Pirates fan Keaton was also in attendance, as he was in Atlanta filming his new movie The Founder. And when he heard about the fan heckling McCutchen, the actor raced to the outfielder’s defense.  Photos show Michael Keaton confronting the Braves fan with the famous “look at the scoreboard” move.

Clearly, Michael Keaton is more than just a fair-weather Pirates fan. In fact, he is a long-time supporter of the squad, along with Pittsburgh’s other professional sports teams. He even chronicled his love of the Pirates for ESPN in 2013, the squad’s first winning season in 20 years.

“Until October 1960 [when the Pirates won the World Series], my interest in sports was minimal,” Keaton wrote for the website. “ But seeing [my brother] George’s unbridled joy and excitement led not just to a lifelong love of sports but also to … mornings spent checking box scores, to evenings spent drawing pictures of Clemente, Virdon and others (copying the style of the great drawings of John Johns from the Pittsburgh Press), to locker combinations of 2827 (bucs), to naming a pet rabbit (who I caught chewing on a lamp one day) [after Pirates legend] Bill Mazeroski, to baseball-softball-hockey league uniforms with the No. 9 until I was over 40 years old, to all Pittsburgh sports teams and probably to all things Pittsburgh.”

After confronting the heckling fan, watching a Pirates win, and even getting a baseball signed by Pittsburgh pitcher A.J. Burnett, Michael Keaton was understandably in a good mood. So it’s no surprise he stuck around to greet fans and take photos after the game. No word on whether he confronted any of the other Braves fans during this autograph session.

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Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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