• Mike Birbiglia working on film adaptation of ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’

    Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me won the 2012 Audience Award at Sundance and is receiving an overwhelmingly warm response from critics and fans, both those who were already familiar with the comedian and those who weren’t. Now, after the success of his auto-biographical debut film, Birbiglia is getting ready to tell more of his story. He tells Indiewire that he’s already in the process of getting started on his sophomore feature, based on his most recent one-man show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.

    In his own words, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is “about how I basically decided to get married without believing in the idea of marriage.” We shared our thoughts on the show when it debuted in Montreal in 2010 (to summarize: it’s great), and while, presumably, the film adaptation will be mostly the same, Birbiglia says there’s some changes. “In the play he’s a comedian, and in the film he’s a journalist. There are definitely ways that it eases away from autobiography,” he says. “I just like when you look at people who have long careers in film, they’re able to make films that are far away from themselves, because they’re metaphorical. It creates for more opportunities, I think.”

    Sleepwalk With Me is showing now in select cities. Check out the official website for showtimes.

    Lucas Gardner

    Lucas Gardner is a writer native to Rochester, NY. He nows lives in New York City. He has a Twitter and a blog.

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