• Mike Stanley: “Tough Luck Chump” (Review)

    When Mike Stanley made a fat joke in Ohio, a woman stood up and scolded him. Stanley responded, “Lighten up.” His debut album Tough Luck Chump is littered with jokes like these: occasionally mean and cruel, and definitely downright raunchy. So if adult humor like this is what you’re into, then it’s a good bet Stanley’s your kind of comedian.

    The Chicago comedian tells us why he’s into porn scenes filmed outside– obviously because there’s nothing funnier than watching two people fucking dealing with flies around their genitals. And on “Hope,” Stanley celebrates the crappy economy: “I’ve been broke for so long [that] when I found out the market crashed, I was just like, ‘Sweet, now we’re all even.’” Other highlights include the difference between male and female farts, living in a gay neighborhood, and the white trash-ification of gas stations.

    Mike Stanley — “Finger” by Laughspin

    While much of Stanley’s act is unique and polished, it seems that too often he’s playing up a persona, rather than a personality. And you can’t escape the thought that Stanley’s approach is super close to Dave Attell’s. His cadence, syntax and even voice are strikingly similar. The deliveries — and subject matter — are near identical, as well.

    As of the album’s recording, Stanley has only been doing stand-up for five years. His career is still very young. He’s still growing as a comedian, still finding himself. And while Attell is one of the best choices of influence, it’ll be interesting to see if a second album proves that he can carve out more of his own voice. One thing is for sure– it’ll be exciting to see him grow.

    You can snag yourself a copy of Mike Stanley’s Tough Luck Chump right here.

    Daniel Berkowitz

    Daniel Berkowitz is a Los Angeles-based graduate student focused on nonfiction writing, popular culture and advancing standup comedy's place in the academic realm. He's currently working on a book about how comedy affects democracy. He also really likes baseball.

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