Minneapolis to allow more stand-up comedy in bars

Minneapolis continues to be my favorite city I’ve never been to. The home of Bob Dylan, The Replacements, Prince, Semisonic and The Replacements (they’re my favorite band, ok?) has just adjusted its city licensing laws to allow more stand-up comedy in its local bars.

The Minneapolis City Council has decided to change its licensing regulations to expand the number of liquor license types that are allowed to feature solo comedians in their establishments. Instead of only allowing comedy in class A establishments (the most expensive), comedy is now permitted in class A, B, C or D registered bars.

“We’ve found that the intent of having class A license for those bigger, theatrical performances may have, because of the wording, included these single stand-up comedians and that was really not the intention,” Linda Roberts, Minneapolis’ district supervisor told the Minnesota Daily“We found that the classification didn’t need to be that high, and this will be only a positive for businesses and comedians.”


Brendan McLaughlin

Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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