• MTV Networks to release Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" video game, more titles to come

    Ugly Americans

    MTV Networks today announced the inception of 345 Games, a division charged with creating video games based on Comedy Central and Spike TV properties.

    The launch will be celebrated with an August release of an Ugly Americans-themed game called Apocalypsegeddon.

    Comedy Central explains the game like this: “Uniting the spirit and humor of the animated horror-comedy series with addictive game play, the four player co-op side scroller shooter game will feature an exclusive script written by the show writers and creators – including a new character unique to the game and custom voiceovers from the show’s actors. Players will hit the streets to clean up the chaos and prevent the impending apocalypse by resolving case files and fighting otherworldly citizens.”

    The game will be available for $10 on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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