• MTV releases another Aziz Ansari movie awards promo; this one has a squirrel in it!

    Hey! MTV released yet another video promo for their Movie Awards (June 6), hosted by Aziz Ansari. You know what we’re waiting for though– much more than another promo? We’re waiting for everyone who loves, loves, loves! Ansari now to quickly turn on him like they turn on so many other comedians who go from hipster to mega star. That’s going to be so fun! (But please prove us wrong, comedy fans).

    For now, though, we might as well watch the aforementioned promo, which also features Sarah Silverman and Zac Efron, who is so totally fuckable. Are we right?

    Did you spot the very subtle YouTube and MacBook product placement? You did? You win a lifetime subscription to YouTube!

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