• Mulder The Cat Opens Door! YouTube Video Of Feline Jumping Around Water Container To Push Down Handle Goes Viral

    Mulder Cat SmallA cat named Mulder is proving that felines may soon rule the world. Video of the animal opening a door in his house has gone viral.

    You read that right; Mulder has actually found a way to open a door by pushing down on the level with his weight. While the cat may not have the opposable thumbs necessary to turn a more traditional doorknob, Mulder’s skill likely still gives his owner “paws” about leaving the feline alone in the house.

    The YouTube video of Mulder, which has more than 6.8 million views over the past month,  begins with the cat getting locked in a closet. But a short time later, the door opens and Mulder just strolls out. Mulder’s owner, Kristian Svenson, even tries putting a container of water in front of the same door to deter the cat. But the crafty feline jumps around the dish and onto the handle, pushing it down to open the door.

    Watch Mulder the cat open a door below.

    And apparently this was not a one-time thing. Another video shows Mulder trying to balance on the water dish in order to reach the door handle. Eventually he succeeded, even managing to keep his paws dry.

    Watch Mulder the cat balance on the water “moat” to open the door.

    Indeed, according to Kristian Svenson, the cat has been opening doors since he was five months old.

    “I was cooking and I needed him to stop jumping on the counter for a couple minutes, so I tossed him into the bathroom and closed the door,” Svenson said of the first time he saw Mulder the cat’s door-opening skills. “Seconds later, he was out . . . and I tossed him back in. This was something he had never done previously.”

    Opening doors is not Mulder’s only trick. The cat also knows how to kill flies and how to attack creatures on the other side of a door. So if felines eventually take over the planet, we will know who started it all.

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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