• New ‘Brickleberry’ preview from Comedy Central shows many animated animals doing stuff

    On Sept. 25, Comedy Central will premiere Brickleberry, the new animated series from creators Roger Black and Waco O’Guin and executive producer Daniel Tosh. The series follows “the antics of a group of dysfunctional park rangers tasked with saving their fledgling national park from closure.” And it’s got a pretty impressive voice cast: Kaitlin Olson, David Herman, Jerry Minor, and Tosh himself all star. Tosh has been showing brief (very, very brief) clips from the new series on his massively successful show Tosh.0, and now Comedy Central has uploaded the show’s opening– a beautiful, sprawling showcase of nature in all its majesty. Check it out:

    Of course, Tosh is still waiting for things to blow over after stirring up controversy for upsetting an audience member (and a lot of other people) with a rape joke. It didn’t help that shortly after the controversy, rumors began to swirl that rape is, somehow, an integral part of first episode’s script. Last we heard the team was scrambling to remove all rape jokes from the episode, which screened at Comic-Con in San Diego. Comedy Central gave Laughspin a “no comment” on the situation.

    Lucas Gardner

    Lucas Gardner is a writer native to Rochester, NY. He nows lives in New York City. He has a Twitter and a blog.

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