• New Reddit comedy meme page benefits established comics, up and comers and fans

    In an era when we obtain our news in 140 characters or less in an ever-refreshing scroll, many ADD-riddled folks do not have the ability to pay attention to something for more than a few seconds at a ti–ooo, look at the birdie! If you have a friend who asks, “Is this almost done?” 20 seconds into your favorite Louis C.K. bit, then you should redirect them to Standup for Short Attention Spans, a reddit page started by New York comedian Nathan Anderson. The page features “memes” of a comedian’s joke superimposed on a picture of that comic on stage.

    Anderson started the subreddit about a week ago when joking with a fellow comic about similarly styled memes with a funny caption next to a funny picture (usually involving either a kitten or an ugly girl with braces). So he created this image and within 24 hours it had 44,000 views. “I have been posting my standup videos on reddit for years. Never have I had that level of success,” Anderson shared in an interview with redditor PotatoMusicBinge when /r/standupshots was named SubReddit of the Day on Saturday.

    Anderson has been getting submissions from comics all over–from LA to New York to the UK. After its first week, Standup for Short Attention Spans has nearly 4,500 subscribers and tens of thousands of page views. We’re not talking just about Louis C.K. or Doug Stanhope bits (although some submissions are just of their favorite comic’s bit), but up and coming comedians are benefiting from the subreddit. A Dallas comic, David Sherrill, ended up with 340 new Twitter followers soon after his post was featured on the frontpage of Reddit!

    The hardcore redditor describes the page as “Twitter with more pictures…it’s stand-up for people with no attention span.” Anderson doesn’t see the page as a subsitute for live comedy but rather an introduction for the uninitiated. In the ‘about’ section, he writes, “Lookin for ‘real’ comedy?: Get off your ass and support your local comedy club or independent show. Limiting yourself to comics on Comedy Central is like limiting yourself to bands on MTV.”

    Check out a few recent posts below:

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    Billy Procida

    Editor-In-Chief Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City. He hosts The Manwhore Podcast where he talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out.

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