• Newscaster Alison Bologna drops “F” bomb instead of ‘firetruck,’ hilarious video goes viral. Watch it now!

    Alison Bologna drops an F-bombEven award-winning television journalists make mistakes, and that’s what happened last night when Providence, RI newscaster Alison Bologna dropped the f-bomb during a live broadcast when she meant to say “firetruck.” During a report about an overturned firetruck in Charlotte, NC, Bologna started by saying, “Four firefighters are hurt after a f*ck truck…a fire truck overturns on the highway this morning.” Later in the report she has to repeat the word “firetruck” and you can tell she really makes sure to hammer it home.

    Part of NBC 10, “Southern New England’s leading news station,” seems it hasn’t apologized yet– nor do we think she should. People mess up. You can watch the f-bomb flub below. Hilarious! We’re sure Alison Bologna’s job is safe, despite her flub.  However, blogger Ken Fang has this to say: “As a Rhode Island resident, I have had the opportunity to watch Ms. Bologna every night for the past three years. She’s a bit of a loose cannon and has been known to laugh inappropriately while reading her copy. Bologna has not only laughed at humorous stories, but also serious stories.”

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