Nick Kroll’s ‘Kroll Show’ premieres tonight on Comedy Central, so let’s watch some previews!

The long-awaited series premiere of Kroll Show, the brainchild of comedian Nick Kroll, goes down tonight at 10:30 pm ET on Comedy Central, after the season premiere of Workaholics. And in honor of this television event and in honor of one of the most diverse talents in the world of comedy — he’s one of the most sought-after stand-up comedians and plays Ruxin on FX hit The League — let’s cuddle up with a few previews.

In this first one, comedian and Saturday Night Live scribe John Mulaney, who’s a longtime friend of Kroll’s and who would co-produce live shows in New York City before both comics got huge, co-stars in this sketch about a prank show called Too Much Tuna. It also features comedian and first-year Parks and Recreation writer Joe Mande! Enough said.

In this next clip, Kroll and comedian Jon Daly star as the “Rich Dicks.” If the characters seem familiar, it’s because Kroll’s creation went viral in 2009 when the recurring Webisodes popped up on YouTube and Funny Or Die.

During the height of Jersey Shore-mania, Kroll’s arguably most popular character Bobby Bottleservice hilariously expressed our collective disdain for the MTV reality show’s existence. And we’ll likely see plenty of Bobby on Kroll Show. In this clip, the Guido interviews a singer named Farley (played beautifully by Chelsea Peretti) via video chat; he wants to make her his Beyonce.

In this new reality series called PubLIZity (Kroll and Jenny Slate play publicists both named Liz!), the duo prove they’re like no other Hollywood mouthpieces. Actually, they’re probably more like Hollywood publicists than we’d like to believe.

And, finally, we get a dose of Kroll’s amazing absurd comedy side. In this clip, he plays Ref Jeff, a lonely NBA whistleblower who will do just about anything for real, human contact.

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Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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