Nick Offerman and friends know a lot about reproductive rights (Video)

I recognize that, as a woman, my brain is simply too small to comprehend science. Thank god for this Funny or Die video starring Judd Nelson, Tim Meadows, Kurtwood Smith, Corey Stoll, Brian Flaherty and the delicious Nick Offerman. This short, titled “Women’s Health Experts Speak Out”) really highlights the reason that late middle-aged men are the true experts when it comes to lady-parts and contraception. Using great quotes from GOP presidential candidates, and other gems like “God wouldn’t have given women tummy pockets if he didn’t want babies swimming around in them,” these guys really bring home the message that I know nothing about my own vagina.

Now, I’m going to go find a man so I can get a baby in this tummy pocket!

Meagan Kate

Meagan Kate is a Portland, Oregon writer and comic. She has been laughed at by audiences at The Brody Theater, The Someday Lounge, Theatre! Theater! and other venues that provide her with the validation she has yet to receive from a long-term relationship. She says things at and you can follow her @MeaganKate.

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