• Nick Offerman to Conan O’Brien: My courtship of Megan Mullally was guided by nature (Video)

    At this point, there’s no doubt about who the best couple in the entertainment industry is: anyone who gets past the front pages of People will correctly (yes, correctly!) tell you Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are tops. In this hilarious clip from last night’s Conan, the bearded manly-man tells three separate accounts of perverted, wild canines spying on their sexual endeavors, and how in tune with nature their relationship and acts of coitus really are. And if nothing else, it’s amazing to hear Offerman say the phrase, “I was performing some oral pleasuring upon her.” Enjoy!

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    Zach Buckner

    Zach Buckner is an aspiring comedy writer from New York (no, not the city; right outside, but who's counting?). In his spare time you can find Zach eating Chinese, eating sushi, eating sandwiches, or just plain eating (he's severely obese), or you'll find him on the basketball court practicing his dream shake, which always ends in embarrassment for one of the players (usually Zach).

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