• Nick Swardson stars in Chris Brown’s new video for some reason

    Nick Swardson has made some questionable career moves over the years — Bucky Larson, anyone? — but the comedian has mostly put out quality projects that remind us it’s ok to laugh at simple things. His albums and specials are solid; his sketch show Pretend Time on Comedy Central was a hoot and his appearances in Billy Madison productions are usually fun. His latest move, however, is undoubtedly strange. He co-stars in Chris Brown’s newest video “Love More,” featuring Nicki Minaj. Now, I admit I know very little about hip-hop— or whatever it is Chris Brown is considered. I’ll also admit that I’ve never even heard a Chris Brown song (to my knowledge). So today was my first experience with the stylings of this particular convicted woman beater. And if the rest of his music is anything like this — a flimsy, auto-tuned, soulless trope-engine of a song — then I’m even more confused as to why people still love him. As for Swardson, this is absolutely his worst move… and yes, I remember Bucky Larson exists.

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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