Nick Thune and Kool Keith combine powers for Dick Towel video

Sometimes the universe lines up in a special kind of way. At least, that is the only explanation I have for the video I just watched, appropriately titled “Dick Towel” – a music video that combines the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the hilarious Nick Thune, and the legendary concept rapper Kool Keith.

Inspired by the Dick Towel, a product that appeared on It’s Always Sunny that prominently features several perspectives of both a large (“huge cock”) and small (“tiny bird”) penis placed conveniently on a towel, Keith has provided us with a tasteful song detailing said towel. The video, directed by Bradley Scott, is enjoyable, though I’m not exactly sure if it was because it’s funny, or because it is so delightfully confusing.

It starts off innocent enough, with Thune and actor Justin Dray discussing a lighthouse painted on the wall, but it quickly progresses into a world of animated sailboats, crabs, Dick Towel-clad women and an ocean of swimming penises. The rhymes aren’t Keith’s best work (that would belong to the timeless Dr. Octagonecologyst), but given the subject matter and the overall absurdity, they create a wonderful tribute to a hilarious television show.

You can watch the video here. We think it’s NSFW. God it’s getting harder and harder to tell these days.

And if you are curious –yes, Dick Towels actually exist. And they can be ordered from

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